Welcome all! Here is my personal space to share some photos which were taken from my previous trips. Hope it is a relaxing experience for you. You're welcome to drop me a note by email or using the contact form on the site. Sometimes, I would like to share some personal thoughts in the NOTES (in Chinese) but please don't take it too seriously. ^_^



這裏是一個讓我和大家分享一些攝影作品的網站,希望大家可以在這裏休息一下,也歡迎大家利用電郵或網站內的聯絡表格給我一點意見或見解,謝謝。有空時也會在本站的 NOTES 內分享一些生活點滴,當中純粹個人意見,別太認真就好 ^_^。